Amino Acid Rose Floral Gentle Cleanser

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Aromatic experience with natural herbs and extracts to remove dirt, oil and dead skin cells while providing oil control to improve the look and feel of skin. A cleansing experience with natural botanical extracts, leaving skin feeling completely cleaned, refreshed, smooth and soft.

Refreshing: Contains Damascus Rose essential oil, that soothes and protects the hydrolipid film of skin.

Effective Absorption: Micro mousse-like foam with rich cleansing elements which penetrate into pores and absorb remaining impurities.

In-depth Cleaning: Amino acid is gentle on skin and removes oil, stubborn makeup, and other pollutant instantly.

The ancient Greeks and Romans were the earliest to discover rose benefits for beauty. The highly valued rose flowers are traditionally known for their heavenly aroma, and the most predominant flower symbol in the world. Rose is commonly used for emotional uplift and skin benefits. It takes about 30 roses to make one drop of rose essential and 120,000 rose petals to make 5ml.