Rose Processing

How Roses End Up in Aromatic Herbs Products? 

We source our rose raw materials from partner farms in Australia and Bulgaria. Most of the farms that we work with are organic certified. We work with our partners to ensure the cultivation, harvesting and distillation are strictly controlled.

Rose petals are carefully hand picked from the plant, done solely by hand which is a time consuming process. After picking the roses for the day, the fresh blossoms is then cleaned and sorted.  

The fresh rose petals are taken to the distillery where the distillation process takes place. The roses are placed in a special still, then stream is discharged through the fresh petals to release the essential oil into vapor. The aromatic vapor is then condensed by cooling. Finally the the rose absolute essential oil is separated from the rose water, and stored in temperature controlled room. 

Roses are very delicate flowers and it is very difficult but important to preserve all their valuable therapeutic properties. Thus, besides distillation of rose oil and rose water, we also use an unique and also advanced  infuse method to extract extra therapetic propreties. 

Part of the freshly picked rose petals are cleaned, and put into purified water. The infuse process takes 20~30 days where gradually valuable rose therapeutical properties are totally absored into the water. Then rose oil and rose water from previous distillation is then added into the mixture, and mixed for few days to allow all therapeutic properties are thoroughly extracted from rose flowers. 

Through our advanced formulation and technology, we are able to maximise rose therapeutic properties extraction by infusing rose petals, rose absolute oil and rose flower water into our skincare products. The special process takes time and requires careful hand processing, and laboratory testing is conducted to ensure that products exceed industry standards.