Introducing ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OIL: My Line of Herbal Products

What are essential oils? The essential oils are the aromatic, natural chemical compounds extracted from various parts of a plant: leaves, flowers, stems, roots, bark, etc. They are in such a potent form that a single drop of essential oil...
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Dry or Dehydrated Hand That’s Crying Out For Moisture?

Our Rose and Avocado hand creams are formulated with natural pure extracts to deeply moisture dry or dehydrated skin. Avocado hand cream contains 20% avocado extract, for a smooth and butter feel on skin. Avocado oil is used to protect the skin from blistering sun, and harsh winds and rain. It is used on lips to prevent chapping. The skin, pulp and seed have been used to treatconstipation, dandruff, bruises and wounds. Avocados health benefits are also a mainsource of dietary nutrition. Avocado health benefits are also considered one of nature’s most...
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